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The history of IKARUS TECH

„IKARUS and ASTRASUN Solar founded the company in 2023, which, combining 130 years of manufacturing and 11 years of renewable energy technology experience, will support your success.”

In early 2023, on the basis of a trilateral cooperation agreement between ASTRASUN Solar Nyrt., a Hungarian solar panel manufacturer listed on the stock exchange,  Műszertechnika-Holding Zrt. and a member of the group, IK METÁL Kft., started manufacturing solar panel support structures.

The aim of the cooperation is to create a joint venture company to serve the entire European market with solar panel support structures through a merger that is unique in the solar power plant market, and to become one of the largest manufacturers of solar panel metal structures in Europe.

The companies, which have significant experience and unique expertise in their field of operation, will jointly manufacture and sell specialised support structures required for the installation of solar farms under the flagship partnership agreement.

IK Metál Kft. has decades of experience in the field of metal processing, which has been used for a long time in the bus manufacturing market, among others through its partnership with the IKARUS Group. Today, the company’s main activities include the complete production of special vehicle bodies, welded metal structures and customised heavy-duty containers, from component production to finished products, from small series to large series. This expertise is complemented by the extensive market experience of ASTRASUN Solar Nyrt., which is also focused on the design and construction of solar power plants. Astrasun is one of the country’s emerging solar panel companies, currently owning 37 solar power plants from Csurgó to Bicske and Nagyatád.

Furthermore, at the beginning of March, ASTRASUN Solar Nyrt. announced  that it will further expand its presence in the Romanian solar energy market by developing a 130 kW solar farm. In addition to supporting the operation of local industries by building a significant solar power plant, the project is also significant for the company because it is the first time that the support structure for the solar farm is jointly manufactured in a cooperation with the Ikarus bus manufacturer Műszertechnikai-Holding Zrt, which is under the same ownership, and IK Metál Kft., which will help you achieve success under the name IKARUS TECH.

we offer a safe solution

IKARUS TECH is your partner throughout the life of the power plant:
we manufacture the support structure best suited to the site,
we train assembling,
we provide regular maintenance.

We have been in the metalworking market for 130 years and we strive to build stable, long-term relationships with all our customers.

Our products and services ensure a secure return on your solar power plant investment.

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